voiceover portfolio

Ted has worked in the voiceover industry for the over 10 years, lending his voice to TV and Radio commercials, TV shows, films, video games, web videos, and audiobooks. Past clients include:


disney pixar


warner brothers games

paramount pictures







harley davidson




taco bell

dairy queen

tgi fridays

dunkin donuts


georgia lottery

total wireless

northern trust bank

5/3 bank

toys ‘r’ us


Here are links to some of Ted’s Commercial VO work. He has done dozens of radio spots as well, which seem to evaporate into the ether, so just imagine you’ve heard him on your way to work. You likely have.

Ted Evans 2017 Commercial VO Reel

2020 Kia Soul Commercial

Yoshi’s Crafted Adventure Nintendo Switch Commercial

Fiat 500X Crossover Commercial

Toys “R” Us TV Commercial

Northern Trust Bank Commercial

Total Wireless Commercial

Draft Day Commercial



Here are some clips from Ted’s animation work. Most notably he worked on Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which was also lifted into the Lego Incredibles video game. He’s also worked on a few video games and internet videos, but the dream is to one day be a series regular on an animated TV show.

Ted Evans 2019 Animation VO Reel

Ted Evans 2017 Animation VO Reel

Ted in Lego The Inredibles

Ted voices Chaz the Robot in a Virtual Reality Game

Ted voices Hannibal Lecter

Ted voices The Tin Man


web video

Ted has lent his voice to many different youtubers over the years, most notably Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers, and some very talented original content creators.

Ted is the Alec Baldwin Announcer

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Parody Ad

Jar Jar’s End - Ted voices Jar Jar Binks and C-3PO

Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer Upgrade - Ted voices Captain Kirk and the Admiral

Huck Buddies: Parody Trailer



Ted also does impressions. Every so often he will get inspired to make videos trying to do as many voices as he can pull off, usually sitting on a couch, which is where most of the voices tend to come from. Watch them here:

27 Movie and Cartoon Impressions

10 Awesome Announcer Impressions